Saturday, January 27, 2007

For Ranit......

I can see the sun shining over my head
I can see the stars lighting my bed
I can feel the wind dancing with the flow
And I can see U giving me the energy to glow

Just as the darkness of dawn and the beauty of sunrise,
Show us the way from darkness to light
Your inspiring presence and wonderful charisma
Adds the spice to this beautiful life

The kindness you shower, the love you spread
That beautiful smile can revive the dead
Those lovely coffee breaks with honest advice
Gives me the strength to grow wise

I want to thank you
For always being by my side
To your rule I want to abide
Believe me,
U are the BEST friend, philosopher and guide

Thursday, January 04, 2007


We might not meet, we might not chat,
But we are friends, better don't forget that...
Times would go passing by,
Changes would happen with U and I,
Our lives destiny would shape,
As with time, progress we make.
Distance would take us away by miles,
We might not even see each other’s smiles.
We might not help each other;
But still let not our friendship wither...
The magic of friendship would call me
And I would miss you then;
Thinking...together, we would be when...