Friday, February 23, 2007

For me

Alone, at a cafe
a cup of coffee in my hand
Couples, hearts, balloons
Valentine's Day across the land
And I think of the cup of coffee
you and I never had
and that you still owe me a meeting
is a thought that makes me glad
So I sit here wondering
of the conversation we'd share
whispering sweet nothings
not really going anywhere
My declarations of undying love
your admonitions of restraint
the trips we would embark upon
the idyllic canvasses we'd paint
And in that moment of epiphany
I realise that this is true
That the tripod of my life
is poetry, coffee and you.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Girl Bonding

I always used to think that girls can't be my "good" frnds......or 2 girls can't ever be "best" frnds, if I may say so...but i was so wrong
:-)...yup I am happy about this fact......NIIT has given me so many lifelong friends....and yep....female friends as well....

Till date, whichever girl has been my 'good' friend has always been a lil selfish in some or the other way.....some of them being quite close:( I think that the way a woman understands another, a man can't...... though my best friend is a guy, still i think that a girl can actually empathize with me whereas a guy can only sympathise.....i need not say much to my female friends and they understand....on the contrary, I have to explain all the stuff in detail and then hope for some sympathy in case of guys......."Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" says that women believe in sharing which men don' I feel quite relieved having some women friends in my life .....
Am really thankful to God for making me meet some wonderful people, who have touched my life in some or the other way.....!