Monday, March 05, 2007

Me Writing ??

U knw wat…. I had never ever thot i cud write a poem or even an article so to say...but leaving everything aside, my work…my professional lifes entirely based on my writing skills…and to add on the spice and color…see am writing poems and write-ups for my own blog… might not seem so out of the place or surpring to you but its true…I used to sincerely admire ppl. who had the talent to write well and simultaneously also secretly used to wonder if I wud ever be able to work on my pencil skills….but here I am..though it might not be a too polished up writing but its, surely, is a great achievement for me and my self confidence :)...finally all depends on ur will to work towards it with all the hardwork you can put in but definitely the stimulus is provided by ur will power.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Life’s a song
Strike the right note to never be wrong
Balance your head and heart always
Don’t just follow what the world says

Life’s beautiful as a pearl in the shell
Not always heaven, but often its hell
Life’s actually not a bed of roses
Has all kinds of emotions as in poems and proses

Life’s a mystery
Mostly solves when u become history
Course of its journey, nobody knows
It’s difficult to know where to come and where to go

Life’s pure as a drop of dew
But it’s appreciated by only a few
Believe me, its lucky to have this gift of life
Value it; nothing can match its real price.

So guyz…
Live Life Kingsize :)