Monday, May 07, 2007

Who am I?

"Tell me something about urself" - the ice-breaker question in most conversations!

My instant response..."Why the hell should I describe myself to you?"

But wat a dumb question is it?? should I describe a painful question? How am I? Wat am I? Do I know myself well enough to be able to describe 'me' for you? Its a difficult question n ofcourse has a complex reply to it.

That's the way I am...
Cute, charming, and straightforward
Mature, responsible but childish and easy-going
Naughty, noisy but calm and quiet
Determined, dominating but submissive and patient
Confident, practical but indecisive and hesistant
Poilte but rude
Ambitious but lazy
Smart but nerd
Honest but liar
Intelligent but idiot
Interesting but boring
Loving but ignorer
I guess...
This is the way I am...

How about calling it a 'Contradictory Story'?