Friday, August 24, 2007

I am Blessed

Are you blessed? Like I am?

Blessed with friends:-)? Nothing can be more worthful in life than to have people around you whom you can call FRIENDS, whom you trust, whom u call up to just shout at them and to bitch about someone else ;-) or dont call up for months and then blast each other off for not keeping in touch...ask for their shoulders to cry knowing that ur need for an ear is worth spoiling their mood...whom you take for granted at any hour of the day at any point of time in your life...hug them in front of the world without any apprehensions, scold them for any of their mistakes and then ensure they don't repeat it again...feel disgusted for their failure...and overjoyed for their success and occasions of happiness in their lives...tell them about all the silly things that you have done without feeling embarrased...ask for...infact demand their help without categorising them as 'favors' that need to be returned...Have u ever felt liking thanking God for making u meet all such wonderful people in life? I have and would always :-)!

Thanks to all the awesome ppl. who have come into my life as 'friends', making me the person I am!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hey Wait!!!

Hey look
I am running fast
On these straight and curvy roads
And what
You walking even faster

Wait a bit
I’ll not take long
At least explain
What’s stopping you
From stopping by

I need your company
Can’t walk alone anymore
All day long
I get tired
But why do I wait
When I know u would not come!!!