Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hey Wait!!!

Hey look
I am running fast
On these straight and curvy roads
And what
You walking even faster

Wait a bit
I’ll not take long
At least explain
What’s stopping you
From stopping by

I need your company
Can’t walk alone anymore
All day long
I get tired
But why do I wait
When I know u would not come!!!


Ranit said...

intersting!! but ye kiskey liye hai ye bhi bata do?

HolyTrance said...

Interesting question boss :-)!

Naresh said...

No use askin people to wait... Those who r running wud never care to listen, and those who r waiting for us dont need it! So just count ppl arnd u waiting for u, and carry on happily! :D

HolyTrance said...

true :-)

dave_cybercoolie said...

ohh so u were running on the tread mill.. and u were asking Phani to stop?? :-D :-P he he..

on a serious note, nice poem :-) so true about almost everyone's lives...

HolyTrance said...

Thanks Devu :-)