Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Errr...Some Random Thoughts

Its the same old story
With me as the main character
And my idiocy the other
Whenever life has something to offer
Am not game for it
But when I am after something
Dare it come my way :)
However, thats fun
But in retrospect
Am happy with what I have
Even if somethings not here presently
I can call it mine
Apparently, only the tense has changed!


Joyita said...

It's great to read something which is so obvious but so well expressed ...random thoughts organized in a coherent and luciid manner....from the buzee hustle bustle of our lives and pacing schedule..such pieces are great sootheners and indeed strike a chord in the heart!!!Am sure in 2008 u wld treat us more wid some wunnerful pieces....keep writing gal

HolyTrance said...

Thanks Joyi :D ... muaah

Pri said...

:o :d :d *faints*

do u believe in 'soul sisters' ???