Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Typical Libran I Am

- Balanced
- Flirt
- Charming
- Diplomat
- Politically Correct Always
- Desire Popularity
- Love Art
- Neat
- Dress up for the Occassion
- Slight Perfectionist
- Narcisstic errr Egotistic
- Charitable
- Bossy at times...errr...'at times??'
- Attention to Detail
- Love Public Service
- Dislike Criticism and
- HIGHLY INDECISIVE...to the power of Infinity :-(

I just wonder whether I would ever be able to narrow down to 'The Guy' am gonna settle down with because when I am sure, life isnt :P ???


prachi said...

POLITICALLY CORRECT??? Who are we talking about here???? hahahah comeon babes anything but...or have you changed since then? :D anyway, i dunno abt astrology one bit..nor do i believe in it...but you definitely fit the description in your blog. :D take care lil one.

kaushik said...

This post is a joke!! Isnt it!!

HolyTrance said...

@ Pracs: I do have changed honey :)

@ Kaushik: No response to ur nasty comment!!!

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Pri said...

ahh!! so its 'two down and 10 million raised to the power of infinity' more to go eh? :-/

just keeping score for life...
the other one down is me--a hunble confused gemini,ofcourse :(

notgogol said...

Bloghopped here looking for a review on RGVs Aag. I am thoroughly satisfied :P