Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa is around...

It’s been really really long since I have got a gift for Christmas and honestly I don’t even expect one…and today when a friend in office asked what I want for Christmas, I, for a while, didn’t know what to ask for.

My memories for ‘Christmas Presents’ date ages back when my sis n I were quite young. Papa used to get a lot of chocolates, toffees, britannia sponge cakes, jelly cubes, mango frooties, etc. for us on the Christmas Eve and keep them at our bed side when we had gone off to deep sleep. Both of us always knew that he was our Santa and we never had to hang red socks or decorate a Christmas tree to lure him to surprise us.
After the tradition continued for some years, we couldn’t wait till the morning to lay our hands on the goodies. One of the years, I remember, I couldn't sleep and half way through the night (till early morning hours) got up every half an hour to check if papa has placed the goodies or not. Obviously, he did, before the sun showed his face.

This was buried in my head long since and am thankful to this friend who brought back the cozy, sweet reminiscences back to the surface...

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope all of you get a lot of gifts and "time" from your loved ones...

Monday, October 26, 2009

All 'Rattle n Hum' inside my head!

Quite confounding but it is the sadistic truth about life…when you least expect things, you just see them surfacing to life from the most barren of the lands. Expectations kill the excitement and why wouldn’t they; we are not being taught to be patient as humans. We have to anticipate a reward for every little thing we do…remember when you were promised a bicycle for getting a distinction in class 10? And who has seen this life…our future is all woven by our dreams and expectations from our loved ones around. Ever wondered if we can ever revolutionize the way we think and wait to discover what is in store for us.

I also fail to understand that why are we expected to behave in a meticulously conventional way to get our share of space in this society; why would be tagged as rebels if we try to break the shackles of this orthodox and narcissistic society. The society takes the most toll on the ones who follow its norms. Haven’t you seen the most humane and benevolent of the people suffering in this thankless world, as a rule?

We need to be reminded that at the end of the day, no one is responsible for our happiness, but we. And who is going to decide what is wrong or right for us…isn’t it all prejudged by all our own conscience ultimately? Whatever is right for me might just be the most awful thing for you. Who has the bloody authority to take a call on it – you, society, religion, your parents – who?

Guess, I need to take a break and get a drink!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lend credence to my experience :)

- If I wish to fly, I will; the only thing that can stop me is me!

- You meet all kinds of people, but the ones who have the same basic grain as u, become your friends.

- God loves you more than you think.

- Everything falls into place at the end of the day; everyday is an experience!

- Reading books can keep you off the stray thoughts that linger around aimlessly.

- When you don't feel like doing/saying something, don't do/say it; there is a mood and time for everything.

- People love us for what we are; we forget that if we change for them, they'll stop loving us.

- The only person who loves us more than anyone else in the world is our mom.

- Kids are the best thing God gave us. Love them; all of them!

- We have one life, make the most of it. I dont want to die of any working on this one!

- Our values and beliefs change with time and age. I have done so many things in life, which were 'not right' for me at some point of time.

- Accept yourself for what you are; don't be too tough on yourself, you too are a human.

- Don't give alibis to conceal your mistakes. Accept them with your head on the shoulders. Stand for your mistakes.

- Love as much as you can, fall for infactuations, have a lot of crushes. Even if you end up in a mess, you'll remember the exciting (good or bad) times through your life and as a bonus, tips on what 'not-to-do' with the next guy/gal.

- Get a taste of everything during this lifetime.

- Trust people around. Helps building relationships!

- Sometimes, saas-bahu soaps are fun; just don't watch them with your mom won't be able to make fun of them.

- Give your 100% to every relationship. What goes around, definitely comes around!

- Build up your endurance power. Eat good food, exercise regularly, and think positive. 20 yrs down the line, you will regret not doing this.

- Everyone deserves a second chance the way you do. Forgive people. Forget your mistakes, not the lessons learned.

- Travel. Enrich yourself with your country's history. More than the bank balance, you'll cherish the times you spent taking a stroll on the countryside and trying to understand an alien language.

- Sing. Dance. No matter how bad you are at it. Use music to heal yourself, it will fill you with vigor.

- You have half chances, so does everybody else. Believe in yourself!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My love conversations

p: hey sexy lady
get on the floor
waise profile pic me is foto ke badle tattooed pic lagana banta ahi
me: saath chal
p: this is the homely u
me: hahha
is this?
p: misleading!
me: homely kahan?
p: isnt it a kitchen?
me: abey nahi
p: then what?
me: disco theque hai
the DJ podium
p: oh....i saw new york yesterday achi thi :)
me: woh badi pic mein visible hai
maine bhi dkehi
p: hmm
me: john is sooooooo yummilicious
p: liked it?
yeah well he is now im kinda confused who is sexier
john abraham or farhan akhtar!
me: hehhe
sey toh john hi hai
farhan is multi talented
p: :)
me: main ab shahid aur john mein confused hoon
ki kisse shaadi akrun
p: hahaha
shahid kapur is cute looking and all!
but sexy?
sorry no chance!
me: i knowww
he isnt sexy
hes extremely cute
but john is like ohhh la lala
p: heheh :D
me: achcha sun ... kuch batana tha
p: ?
me: something imp
and keep it to urself
p: bata na janman
tere intezar me baithe hai
me: heheh
toh baat yeh hai ki
I love U
ab ja
p: hahaha
ure soooooooooooooooo predictable gorgeous!
me: heheh
p: i was waiting for that to come
me: :P
i know
p: apne liye pyar maine teri chat room wali
ankhon me dekh lia tha!
me: hahahha
u knw me so well
ab bhaag honey
p: bye babes! loads of love
me: miss u so much
p: :)
me: me tooo...three...fourrr

P.S.: I love such chit chats. We both love each other but we love John and Shahid too; and we are ready to share them, if they don't mind :D.
BTW, 'p' is none other than madame Prachi and yes, we aren't two lesbos, even though our college was kinda famous for it. After all, LSR can also be expanded as 'Lesbian Society Rules' :P .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The blogpost dedicated to me :D

And let me clarify...not everything written there is true...especially the "cooked up" love story never existed! Thats Pracs, by the way!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Take it or leave is wat they say...but if I dont want to do either...then???

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Our Vaishno Devi Trip :)

Pracs has beautifully described our so very awaited Vaishno Devi trip in her blog...needless to say, with all the masala and mirch which were and were not a part of it :D.

This is how she goes:

For your convenience and mine…let me divide this post into two parts (Professional hazard of over three years of organizing content into logical chunks!) The first part is the Sequence of Events that Precede the Trip and the second part is well, The Trip itself. I thought I’d add another part devoted to Ms Malik, my companion…but I am sure that after reading this post, you will realize that madam definitely merits a whole post to herself! :D

For more, go to her blog and anjoy urself :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the Air...

Red roses...heart-shaped balloons...rum ribbons...teddy bears...cute little cupids...beautiful cards...romantic tracks... seems the entire air is singing love songs :))
So this post is dedicated to all of them!

I like some people and I don't like some. I love some and I do not love some (not love is not hate). Its my choice afterall! Not that the story began by not liking them but it took that turn eventually and some poeple asked for it.

Rightnow, I can think of 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. of such people and the count is definitely more (..@..#..$..%..uff my memory). But sometimes, I honestly wonder, if I could be friends with them? Would things have been different...pleasantly? Afterall, life is too short to 'not like' anyone!

They say that we all are same just a different name
But then why don't I like you and you feel the same
You have friends who adore you
I have my share and they value me too
Some people speak great deal of you
Then why don't I see the same picture of you
You must be nice and great for your friends
Why haven't I seen similar trends
I don’t miss you but I think I miss not knowing you
And when your thought crosses my mind
I wonder if we would smile when we meet one more time

I guess you are not born to be friends with everyone in this world :-(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Direct from heart...

I haven't written it; so won't take any credit. Found it online and seemed like someone read me and wrote this :))...

I’m not a perfect girl... my hair doesn’t
always stay in place, and I spill a lot of
things. I’m pretty clumsy and sometimes
I have a broken heart.
my friends & I
sometimes fight and maybe some days
nothing goes right but when I think about
it and take a step back, I remember how
(amazing) life truly is and that maybe...
just maybe, I like being UNPERFECT!

I’m not the girl who runs up to you when
I see you & am not the girl who jumps at
every moment to talk to you; 'but I am the
girl who keeps it all inside'& regrets it
later. You still give me butterflies…

In my opinion... one of the worst feelings
in the world is wondering how things
could have - would have - should have been.

You will never know how it feels to have the one person
who means everything to you, makes you feel that you're nothing

She's not like most girls her age…
you'd think it would be her routine by now -
you'd think she wouldn't let it get to her -
but the truth is …
you're the only one who can break her now.

It’s like; we’re more than friends;
but less than lovers.

There’s no use stressing over something in the past, because there’s not a damn thing you can do to change it.At some point you have to realize he doesn’t care & you could be missing out on someone who does. Anyone can be passionate...but only real lovers can be silly. Everybody winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight.