Friday, February 13, 2009

So this post is dedicated to all of them!

I like some people and I don't like some. I love some and I do not love some (not love is not hate). Its my choice afterall! Not that the story began by not liking them but it took that turn eventually and some poeple asked for it.

Rightnow, I can think of 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. of such people and the count is definitely more (..@..#..$..%..uff my memory). But sometimes, I honestly wonder, if I could be friends with them? Would things have been different...pleasantly? Afterall, life is too short to 'not like' anyone!

They say that we all are same just a different name
But then why don't I like you and you feel the same
You have friends who adore you
I have my share and they value me too
Some people speak great deal of you
Then why don't I see the same picture of you
You must be nice and great for your friends
Why haven't I seen similar trends
I don’t miss you but I think I miss not knowing you
And when your thought crosses my mind
I wonder if we would smile when we meet one more time

I guess you are not born to be friends with everyone in this world :-(


Joyita said...

I think that line echoed my heart..."I do not miss you but miss knowing you....sahi likha...little touching thots....gr8 going

dave_cybercoolie said...

awesome, Asha :-) need to be writing more - this was a gem :-)

Abhishek Khanna said...

dost dost naa raha
pyar pyar naa raha
zindagi hame tera
aitbaar naa raha

Chill! Ok i knw Einstein chacha once said, we all have unlimited memory space hard disk in our heads. But then if you are good friends with everyone in the world, then would the word good friend mean anything? You you be able to remember choti choti baaten of all of tem in ur unlimited memory?

Thats y its perfectly ok to know some people, forget some more n love just a few

HolyTrance said...

@Joyi: :)
@Dave: Thanks Devu...would try nf write more often
@Abhishek: Wat u saying does sound good but...

Abhishek Khanna said...

ye if aur but ne auranzeb tak ko barbad ka dia tha to hum kya cheez hain

Voice said...

why so serious :)

Anonymous said...

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HolyTrance said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am not sure how this helped you in your assignment and what more details you are looking for.

Let me know,may be I'll be able to help.