Monday, June 29, 2009

My love conversations

p: hey sexy lady
get on the floor
waise profile pic me is foto ke badle tattooed pic lagana banta ahi
me: saath chal
p: this is the homely u
me: hahha
is this?
p: misleading!
me: homely kahan?
p: isnt it a kitchen?
me: abey nahi
p: then what?
me: disco theque hai
the DJ podium
p: oh....i saw new york yesterday achi thi :)
me: woh badi pic mein visible hai
maine bhi dkehi
p: hmm
me: john is sooooooo yummilicious
p: liked it?
yeah well he is now im kinda confused who is sexier
john abraham or farhan akhtar!
me: hehhe
sey toh john hi hai
farhan is multi talented
p: :)
me: main ab shahid aur john mein confused hoon
ki kisse shaadi akrun
p: hahaha
shahid kapur is cute looking and all!
but sexy?
sorry no chance!
me: i knowww
he isnt sexy
hes extremely cute
but john is like ohhh la lala
p: heheh :D
me: achcha sun ... kuch batana tha
p: ?
me: something imp
and keep it to urself
p: bata na janman
tere intezar me baithe hai
me: heheh
toh baat yeh hai ki
I love U
ab ja
p: hahaha
ure soooooooooooooooo predictable gorgeous!
me: heheh
p: i was waiting for that to come
me: :P
i know
p: apne liye pyar maine teri chat room wali
ankhon me dekh lia tha!
me: hahahha
u knw me so well
ab bhaag honey
p: bye babes! loads of love
me: miss u so much
p: :)
me: me tooo...three...fourrr

P.S.: I love such chit chats. We both love each other but we love John and Shahid too; and we are ready to share them, if they don't mind :D.
BTW, 'p' is none other than madame Prachi and yes, we aren't two lesbos, even though our college was kinda famous for it. After all, LSR can also be expanded as 'Lesbian Society Rules' :P .


prachi said...


those were contemplative sounds..ntohng else thank u!

okie, first things first, Ashu this very public declaration of love is so spontaneous that it makes me go pink with pleasure!!!

so ladies and gentlemen, I know after this rather soppy exchange of words you are reaching for your handkerchiefs or the keyboard to go to another web page ;) but

who cares...

I love this gorgeous woman to bits!

Anonymous said...

I tried telling Asha that there is something special going on btw u too....
n Prachi since ur in Delhi u can give voice to ur feelings by joining the "Gay right march"

Way to go.

Joyita said...

Asha/ Ash/ Ashu...y clarify ur orientation after this wunderful conversation...we love this frend of ours no matter thank god the word "friend" has no sexual orientation...haha!gr8 chit chat!

Diwakar Sinha said...

You have a good blog....will look out for more.

Rajiv said...

hahahahhahahahaahha.....dono hi pagaal ho????? ......if u wouldnt have given that clarfication below.....i would have really thought i dont know this "luv" of urs!!!! kya yaar......