Monday, October 26, 2009

All 'Rattle n Hum' inside my head!

Quite confounding but it is the sadistic truth about life…when you least expect things, you just see them surfacing to life from the most barren of the lands. Expectations kill the excitement and why wouldn’t they; we are not being taught to be patient as humans. We have to anticipate a reward for every little thing we do…remember when you were promised a bicycle for getting a distinction in class 10? And who has seen this life…our future is all woven by our dreams and expectations from our loved ones around. Ever wondered if we can ever revolutionize the way we think and wait to discover what is in store for us.

I also fail to understand that why are we expected to behave in a meticulously conventional way to get our share of space in this society; why would be tagged as rebels if we try to break the shackles of this orthodox and narcissistic society. The society takes the most toll on the ones who follow its norms. Haven’t you seen the most humane and benevolent of the people suffering in this thankless world, as a rule?

We need to be reminded that at the end of the day, no one is responsible for our happiness, but we. And who is going to decide what is wrong or right for us…isn’t it all prejudged by all our own conscience ultimately? Whatever is right for me might just be the most awful thing for you. Who has the bloody authority to take a call on it – you, society, religion, your parents – who?

Guess, I need to take a break and get a drink!


Darshan Chande said...

You are right. History shows that greatest of men have always suffered. Narcissistic is the right word for the society we are living in. And not only ours, it's worldover.

Joyita said...

awesum...well be happy or not to be is our call..I just remember sum1 telling me what Buddha said.."Expectation is the root cause of suffering."

prachi said...

hmm...all ill say is that the pic in th epost reminded me of my drink at hard rock cafe!

so if u're grabbing one, ask for the same.

Anonymous said...

Smells Rebel Asha in this post. Got to be afterall so many people expect so much from us....
As Buddha has said abt expectation:- It being root cause of all problem. Its very difficult not to expect.
Those who can, live happy n wise.