Monday, October 12, 2009

Lend credence to my experience :)

- If I wish to fly, I will; the only thing that can stop me is me!

- You meet all kinds of people, but the ones who have the same basic grain as u, become your friends.

- God loves you more than you think.

- Everything falls into place at the end of the day; everyday is an experience!

- Reading books can keep you off the stray thoughts that linger around aimlessly.

- When you don't feel like doing/saying something, don't do/say it; there is a mood and time for everything.

- People love us for what we are; we forget that if we change for them, they'll stop loving us.

- The only person who loves us more than anyone else in the world is our mom.

- Kids are the best thing God gave us. Love them; all of them!

- We have one life, make the most of it. I dont want to die of any working on this one!

- Our values and beliefs change with time and age. I have done so many things in life, which were 'not right' for me at some point of time.

- Accept yourself for what you are; don't be too tough on yourself, you too are a human.

- Don't give alibis to conceal your mistakes. Accept them with your head on the shoulders. Stand for your mistakes.

- Love as much as you can, fall for infactuations, have a lot of crushes. Even if you end up in a mess, you'll remember the exciting (good or bad) times through your life and as a bonus, tips on what 'not-to-do' with the next guy/gal.

- Get a taste of everything during this lifetime.

- Trust people around. Helps building relationships!

- Sometimes, saas-bahu soaps are fun; just don't watch them with your mom won't be able to make fun of them.

- Give your 100% to every relationship. What goes around, definitely comes around!

- Build up your endurance power. Eat good food, exercise regularly, and think positive. 20 yrs down the line, you will regret not doing this.

- Everyone deserves a second chance the way you do. Forgive people. Forget your mistakes, not the lessons learned.

- Travel. Enrich yourself with your country's history. More than the bank balance, you'll cherish the times you spent taking a stroll on the countryside and trying to understand an alien language.

- Sing. Dance. No matter how bad you are at it. Use music to heal yourself, it will fill you with vigor.

- You have half chances, so does everybody else. Believe in yourself!


Darshan Chande said...

Nice lines... :-)

Diwakar Sinha said...

oh well
very likable..
a nice collection i sud say

HolyTrance said...

Thank u guys :)

dj dheeraj said...

well thought and well selected.. it's been a while since i read anything this good on the interent all together at one place..
thanq holytrance

HolyTrance said...

Thanks DJ...and to clarify, this is not copied from internet...its all inspired and taken from my life :D

RL said...

Looks like you've experienced a lot in life at a young age.... Good for you and thanks for penning it down :-)

RL said...

Looks like you've experienced a lot in life at a young age.... Good for you and thanks for penning it down :-)