Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy Budday To You!

Heres the story of the little boy
Whose class was just down the street
He looked those intellectual sorts
Could you have termed him a geek?
He walked with an attitude
And confidence was his ‘middle’ name
The only things he aspired for
Were money, happiness, and fame…

Years went past by
And the seasons brought about a transition
What he is like now
I’ll bring to your attention
When life is in such short supplies
He has chosen the path of unprecedented volatility
To confront the fear and seek the honor
Is within the reach of his ability…

As he gears up
To color the fresh page on this threshold
He sees his wonderful 25 years in retrospect
With an innocent smile on hold
While thanking for the blessed life he’s lived until now
He looks forward to the next chapter
Let’s see it unfolds how…

He’s embarked on the search of what he truly wants in life
But this magnificent time comes with a price
The days are long and sleepless are the nights
The dreams sometimes are in for a pleasant surprise
His tales of bravery are yet to be told
And I am going to be a witness as they unfold…

Wishing him love, luck, and lots of respect
May he lives till the end of the millennium
And succeeds on every endeavor the country expects…


dj dheeraj said...

who is this abt ..?

HolyTrance said...

A frnd re :)