Saturday, July 03, 2010


Cut all the threads from the past
No longer that make sense to last
Look forward to a new sunrise
Will make me happy and wise

Now I seem to know this all
But still in the past I fall
The more I move, less I forget
All corners point at one edge

The rainbow I saw today
Like a smile on the clear blue sky
My lifes missing a few of those shades
Whom do I ask why

I run after a new beginning
But the shadows still follow
The race seems unending
Are the dues still pending

Wish I knew where am going
The boulevard I need to close in
I knw the horizon is sumwhr distant
But I can reach if you help me start

Let us make a life worth living
With no regrets or unsure dreams
Tomorrow is an upshot of our past
So why to cut the threads that don’t last!