Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hyderabad Talkies Part II

These moments...are these accidents, or were they written like these only? Were they decided already, somewhere, sometime, by someone? Or were they not decided, and all that is happening was unplanned, unthought of?

I meet the one's who are mine, and who are strangers..I like a few, and I dont like a few. I move ahead, and leave some behind. Relations have been identified, or atleast the mantra. This is my world and everything has a bit of me..a little more, a little less.

The journey is long and destination unclear. This life is a mirage; we experience, we learn, and we grow. Why do we break apart when we were never together?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I don't like this Idea Naresh!

I know you had planned your future well. After becoming an engineer from an esteem college, you completed MBA in Marketing from your dream college. You were enjoying your job, and loved the fact that you had to work from Mumbai, where you have loads of friends to hang around with. You were a pakka Hyderabadi and I could see that in your nawaabi - ‘I-just-like-to-have-fun’ and ‘I-give-a-damn’ - attitude.
A week ago, your FB update said that you bought a car, which you were bringing to great use by exploring all the weekend getaways near Mumbai. I know you worshipped Sachin, and wished him birthday on FB last night. You have no idea how jealous I was when I saw your picture celebrating MI’s victory at Wankhade on Friday…I so really want to see God live in action myself. And yes, you loved Katrina as much as you did Rajani. You were instrumental in making ‘Sheila ki Jawaani’ such a major hit that it is now, by promoting it on your FB wall for days and months. And I can bet that everything I know about Idea 3G is via your wall.
Now how do I tell myself that everything will stop from today? One fine morning and you decide to leave everything behind? One trek and you are not interested in the worldly pleasures anymore? Just when people are accustomed to seeing you all over their walls, you settle down on leaving everything behind just like that, and slip under covers? Who will support me when I would want to win an argument against Prasoon? Who will comment on my weekend hungama pictures with all that enthusiasm? Who will call me to Mumbai to celebrate MI’s win in the IPL. I will no more have any Idea in my life. I will not know the latest updates about Rajani or Katrina through your newsletter-wall. Will I really not have any updates on my page from you?
I know we had never met in person, not even have we spoken on the phone, but we have been friends for long - as much as 6 years? You have been one of the most special online friends in my not-so-virtual world, and now your absence is bringing tears in my eyes. Life doesn’t come with a warranty card, and you are asking me to not take it for granted anymore.
All I want to know if life worth all this effort? Really? We run around all the time, through school, college, graduation, jobs, relationships, parents, friends, etc. etc, and what we get in the end is what we never want. You should know that you have lived a good life and your parents are proud of you. You shall be missed – terribly – by all your real and virtual friends, and all the people who have known you. May you rest in peace, now and always!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't know why...

I thought I am strong
So overconfident, could never go wrong…
There’ll be a time, when I am forced to think
This controlled life could go out of sync…

I can never bring myself to ask if u r still there
I am not sure if u will be here…
Oh I don’t know what I feel
I would never know if it is the right thing to kneel….

I know I lost my chance
But does life give you another glance…
Do you think it’s the right thing to try
Or should I just say good bye…

I hate seeing myself regret
Trust me, it’s not easy to forget…
Living life on my own terms
Is it insane, I just need to confirm…

Would you ever understand
I probably need you to try again…
Hopefully, there is a future for us both
Together if we may take that oath… … …

P.S: Randomness inspired; no personal story behind this post!