Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The year that was...
…of new promises and of positive beginnings
…of some unfulfilled dreams and of some harsh realities
…of broken hearts and of unwarranted wishes
…of new experiences and of old reunions
…of finding the child within and of simultaneously growing mature
…of novel teachings and of breaking fallacies
…of falling tears and of getting stronger
…of introspections and of finding answers from others
…of reinforcing old beliefs and of learning to unlearn
…of getting lost in the crowd and of discovering self in solitude
…of ignoring others and of getting ignored
…of cheerful songs and fancy moves, and of sad heartbroken tunes
…of getting drunk and losing myself, and then reflecting on it some more
…of losing friends and of gaining sanity
…of ‘hating it all’ and of achieving the wisdom of loving myself
…of weak moments and then coming out stronger
…of darkness and depression, and of gleam of sunshine
…of letting it go and of hopes for a happier tomorrow

Dedicated to everyone I met, left behind, and reunited with; to 2011 that went by!


Gagan Pall said...

2011 sounds like a bummer year for you.. good luck with a next one.. :)

HolyTrance said...

It definitely wasnt one of the best. 2012, however, will be amazing...I gotta feeling :D