Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How do "I DO"?

I have heard good things about you, from not one but many. You are known to bring sweet surprises to the people who trust in you. My mom loves you, and my family can't stop bragging about their adulation for you. You always come to rescue to people who are looking for their share of happiness, and you haven't messed up as much as your counterparts, so you do have a history of success. You provide options and help people pick the best for them.

So how come I just cannot bring myself to open up to you. I have tried convincing myself but it hasn’t worked…petrifying myself with the plausible hitches that my life could face for not even trying to explore you, but of no use. Is it just me who doesn't get it? I think I have no hope!

Arranged Marriage, I dread you, like seriously! Will we ever become friends?