Saturday, December 29, 2012

It could have been me!

"Meri zindagi ko raundh kar agar woh sab zinda hain toh yeh iss desh ki har aurat ka balaatkaar hua..."

I don't think we, as a nation, have ever been slapped so hard on the face. My soul has been raped today, and these scars will never fade. I feel sick to my stomach and there is no cure. I am helpless and ashamed, and don't know if there is a way to channelize this anger to make things better in any way.

I know this ain't the only case in India, and hundreds of women are raped and murdered on monthly basis. 90% of cases don't get any media attention and therefore, remain under covers. The ones that come out in open are often forgotten over time due to lack of speedy trial or absence of societal support.

Today, I write this not as the so-called socially conscious literate strata of the country, but as a woman who is still somewhere proud to be an Indian, and all she asks for in return for this love is the rightful, dignified life in any part of India. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and interact with men and women of other countries, cultures, religions, nationalities, and classes of societies. The major difference between our “third world” and “developing” country and the West is not the scientific advancements or progressive mindset of people, but the lack of basic respect and right to live a dignified life for half of our population. Irony is that men of our nation pray to deities and goddesses, but disrespect and harass women around them. Our conscience is dead and until this prevails, there is only one direction we are headed to – doom.

And God? Is there any? The basic premise of religion is that no evil happens to people who are good to others. Then how do we explain all the crime against women...girl children are not spared even in the womb. It can’t be all Karma, right? There are unanswered questions and broken thoughts that would never find answers, and I don’t think I even want to try now.

I couldn’t control my tears today, and I know I will too, eventually, forget this incident. But with Amanat’s death, a part of me has died too, and I know it can never be revived! 


Jack said...

H T,

It has put all right thinking people to shame as a part of this society. There is a lot of talk about changes needed in police or legal system but more than that is the mindset of society which needs to undergo radical change. Unless we remove gender discrimination there will be repetitions of such heinous acts. Let each one of us start by treating our daughter at par with sons to send message to males that girls have equal rights.

Take care

Joyita said...

i am really impressed and fully endorse your views

HiddenSigns said...

I had wanted to travel to India a few years ago alone, but decided against it for the same fear you mention. I wonder when it will be safe to travel in India as a lone foreigner.